About Us

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."

—Booker T. Washington


WordWise Inc. is founded as a K-12 curriculum development house


WordWise Inc. expands its capabilities to offer design & production services for print based product


WordWise Inc. launches its digital division, WordWise Tech


WordWise Inc. and WordWise Tech divisions come together under a new Logo and WordWise introduces WiseWorks...a program for offering custom bundled services

Our Story

There are some similarities among publishing services companies; they may provide similar services or have staff from similar backgrounds. Why do we at WordWise feel we are uncommonly excellent?

For starters, WordWise has been thinking outside the box since 1994. Back then, while other developers were bringing local talent into brick and mortar locations, we started and grew a business using nationwide talent and a remote virtual office. We had to deal with limited Internet access, incompatibility issues, and all the “adventures” of the early days of technology.  We were confident that despite these obstacles, we could build a better staff if we widened our reach. So, we became agile, learned to think on our feet and adjust quickly to a changing technological landscape.

"Thank you for another opportunity to work with this talented team. I truly appreciate you for your patience, wisdom, sense of humor, and integrity. I certainly hope to be invited to WordWise's next great adventure!”

We observed what others were doing in the business and strove to do it better and more efficiently. We became uncommonly excellent by adopting some principles and practices from which we never strayed. For example, we don’t stretch staff beyond their area of proven expertise; we prepare for “surprises” by assigning additional staff to every project; we don’t ask our staff to do work for which they will not be fairly compensated. WordWise senior management always stays in close touch with every project and directly supervises our project managers; we mentor and support our staff throughout the entire project; we anticipate issues and are proactive.

"I never had so much fun working so many hours!"

Today, more than 20 years after we started, the virtual office has become more commonplace, but our pioneering in that area made us better managers then...and now. We not only attained our goal of assembling a more highly qualified and larger pool of people, but we earned their loyalty, trust and respect above the competition. How do we know? They tell us. Our staff respects us, we respect them, and that results in an abundance of respect for your product.

What is important about the people involved in your project is not just their experience, but also how they are managed.

Our People

Even the most capable people can be placed in a situation where it is difficult to succeed. It’s the job of management to ensure the success of the project and support the staff in achieving that success. This sounds like it should be routine, but providing the best environment for the staff to succeed is not common

practice everywhere... at WordWise it is. Our management team knows what the impediments to success are and takes steps on every project to ensure they are avoided.


Karen Kennedy Gotimer

President & CEO

Apart from her duties of keeping the company running, Karen is WordWise’s resident science and math maven. No science or math project at WordWise can escape Karen’s watchful eye. Karen earned her MS Degree in Biomedical Science from Long Island University (LIU Post) and BA Degree from Fordham University in Biology. She holds NY State teaching certification and taught secondary school science and math for 6 years before beginning her career in publishing. Karen's publishing experience includes holding the positions of Executive Editor of Science at Holt, Rinehart & Winston (CBS, Inc.) and Executive Editor of Math and Science at Globe Book Company (Simon & Schuster). While at Holt, Karen worked on the ground-breaking multi-media technology product, Voyage of the Mimi and she likes to say she gave Ben Affleck his start in film.

Ginger Seeley

VP/Project Development

Ginger’s areas of content expertise are Reading, Language Arts, Literature and Social Studies. So, while Ginger can, and does, apply her considerable management experience to directing a variety of WordWise projects, no soft side project is delivered without her seal of approval. Ginger holds an MA Degree in Reading Education from Central State University in Oklahoma (now Oklahoma Central University). She earned her BA Degree in Education from Glassboro State Teachers’ College in New Jersey (now Rowan University). Ginger holds state teacher certification from New Jersey where she taught grades 4 - 6 before entering the educational publishing industry. She was Executive Editor for Language Arts and Early Childhood at Harcourt Brace & Jovanovich (now HMH), Editor-in-Chief for Reading, Language Arts, and Early Childhood at The Economy Company (McGraw Hill), and Vice President and Publisher at Globe Fearon (Pearson). Ginger is very well credentialed in her field, but she can’t help but wonder why all of the universities she attended changed their names after she graduated.


Our Project Staff

On a project-by-project basis we select the appropriate staff from our large pool of highly talented resources. We can ramp up at any time to meek changing needs, demands, or project priorities.


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