Digital Production Overview/Capacity

Digital Production Overview/Capacity



Whatever your digital needs are, WordWise can partner with you and provide the production capabilities to create a robust digital product. Our digital projects encompass everything from audio recording in multiple languages, to video & e-book scripting, to video creation, to consultation, to storyboard creation, to IWB activities, to complete development of all aspects of digital programs.

Contact us...we would love to create an elegant solution for you.


For one recent project we

  • developed Prototypes for Interactive Design for Gr. 1-2 and Gr. 3-5
  • wrote all HTML code
  • developed all embedded functions (highlighter, search, note taking, etc.)
  • created all digital templates and poured 9,075 digital pages
  • recorded 91,670 words of audio & linked/implemented 4,426 audio and video files
  • linked 5,968 printable PDFs
  • created 606 animations, 34 interactives, 30 e-books and 4 games

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