Interactive Student Programs & Teacher Support Materials

Interactive Student Programs & Teacher Support Materials


WordWise has produced multiple digital programs for use in K-12 classrooms by students and teachers, including complete basal digital programs.

We begin by meeting with our clients to understand their needs and vision and we then create the interactive design to accomplish the project goals. We strive to deliver an excellent user experience for students at all grade levels and teacher support materials that feature ease of use. Our in-depth understanding of the classroom environment and knowledge of students, teachers and curriculum are invaluable in helping us attain an end product your customers will be very excited to use.

We can produce every aspect of your digital project including coding, digital template creation, interactive design, animations, games and simulations, audio/video, embedded e-readers and interactive assessment and anything else necessary to make your project beautiful and exciting.

iPads, tablets, mobile devices, computers...we will ensure your product functions beautifully on all of them!

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