Curriculum Development & Instructional Design Overview/Capacity

Curriculum Development & Instructional Design



We have developed a huge variety of unique and basal K-12 and PD curriculum materials for both digital and print programs...everything from daily lesson plans for teachers, to test prep for the TX STAAR exam and CCSS, to complete basal programs.


Some typical Assessment projects...

• 3,334 assessment items/AK/Hints/Explanation of wrong answers/DOK/Art Specs/Correlations written & edited for STARR Gr. 6-8 (print & digital)

• Gr. 1-6 state-specific test prep books write/edit/page comp/art completed for 9 states (SG and TG)

Basal Programs...

• Gr. 3-6 Science – write, edit, template; SE, TE, assessment ancillary, leveled readers

• Gr.  K-5 Math – write, edit, correlate to CCSS; SE, TE, activity cards, ancillaries

Professional Development courses...

• Complete curriculum development for student course material including assessments and assignments and a facilitator’s guide for seven math and reading teacher education courses

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