Print Production: English & Foreign Language

Print Production: English & Foreign Language


No matter what your typesetting needs, we can handle them for you. Our production services include copy editing, proofing, page comp, art placement, tech art, charts and tables, printer-ready PDFs, archiving and reprint corrections. Whether 4/C, 2/C, SE, TE, or ancillaries, our page composition is rapid, high quality, and cost effective...and we can translate and typeset in over 100 different languages!


  • For one basal math project - 10,515 pages comped/proofed/files to printer (4/C & 2/C; SE TE, & Workbook; multiple grades)
  • For a series of test prep books - 2,792 pp. comped/proofed/files to printer English & Spanish (2/C SE & TG; multiple grades; multiple formats)

Contact us...our cost effectiveness may surprise you!



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