Our process is customized to your needs
throughout every aspect of your project.

You don't want to have to reinvent your way of doing things in order to work with a vendor

When you work with WordWise we partner with you. We take steps to ensure the integrity of your process and your product:

  1. We ask questions
  • We learn about your project needs and how you like to work to achieve them.
  • We ensure that we understand the goals of your project and we build out from there.
  • We strive to understand the challenges you see and work with you to overcome them.
  1. We offer suggestions
  • Once we understand your project, we draw from our extensive experience to make suggestions for increasing efficiency and cutting costs...ways for you to get more bang for your buck. All decisions, of course, belong to you, the client.
  1. We stay flexible
  • Changes don’t upset us...we adjust our process to your evolving needs.

You don't want to have to use a blowtorch to light a candle

Not all projects require the same resources. Why pay for an over-sized or complex solution when you require a simpler one? Our business model allows us to customize the right team to work on your individual project....or even parts of your project. Instead of having one in-house staff for technology, content development, design and production, we partner with a few well-selected groups. This gives us the flexibility to match the resources with the needs of the project...and the budget. But don’t worry, if you have a very large and complex project, we can provide that blowtorch.

You don't want your project to be mismanaged

Good management is fundamental to the success of any process...and we were born to manage! We managed students in a classroom; we managed large in-house staffs and budgets at major publishing houses; and for over 20 years we have been managing project staffs remotely.  The key to successful management is to understand the requirements of each unique situation. Remote management requires vigilant oversight and exceptional communication skills. We bring those attributes to every project.


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