A new program from WordWise...
a smarter way to outsource!


WordWise has expanded its services to include everything a publisher might need to develop a complete digital or print product. Now we are offering a program that makes use of our capabilities in a way that will increase the efficiency of, and lower the costs for, our publisher clients.

WiseWorks is a program based on a customized bundled services model. While this program is particularly beneficial to smaller to mid-sized companies and start-ups, our large publisher clients will find it attractive as well.

When you need help on a project what do you spend time doing?

Engaging in Q & A with multiple vendors
Reviewing multiple proposals
Negotiating budgets with one or more vendors
Sending out separate RFPs for various aspects of every project

When you launch your projects what do you spend your time doing?

Disseminating overlapping information to multiple vendors
Using in-house resources to train & coordinate vendors
Engaging in more Q & A with multiple vendors
Dealing with competing scheduling issues among editorial and production vendors
Spending time resolving process issues with/among vendors

What do you really need from a vendor?

Pricing within your budget
Ability to meet your deadlines
A resource to save you time

What does the WiseWorks program give you?

A cadre of experts to match project specifics
Dedicated customer service & project mgmt.
Ramp-up capabilities to ensure schedules
A cost saving bundled services plan customized to your needs
Agility of process; ability to shift priorities
An ally who saves you significant time

Our WiseWorks program can save you time and money! Contact us for details.

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